• 7 febbraio 2013

Assuming Rory Breaker killed him

Mexican Stand Off: Inadvertent since the characters don’t quite realise it, but the principle applies. Rory’s gang breaks into the protagonists’ flat and runs into Dog’s crew who are in hiding. Both groups realise something isn’t right and an awkward pause occcurs before someone followed by everyone else starts firing. Mister Big: Rory Breaker, somewhat, though his shortness is exaggerated. And he does do the little boss with huge henchmen part. Mutual Kill: Barry throws a hatchet in Kenny’s back. His last act is to turn and shoot him in the gut. Assuming Rory Breaker killed him, a deceased Plank manages to kill him. The Napoleon: Rory Breaker. He’s described as a “psychotic dwarf with an afro” who once lit a man on fire for changing the channel away from something he was watching. His short height is accentuated by his two mammoth bodyguards, whose faces are sometimes not even visible as they stand beside him. Never Bring A Knife To A Gunfight: Though a case where a guy manages to nearly chop an arm off before getting riddled by bullets. No Ending: An Italian Job style cliffhanger. Not So Stoic: When his son’s life is threatened, Big Chris beats the person who did it to death with a car door, screaming abuse at him the whole time. Also counts as Hypocritical Humor, as Chris objects to swearing by or around his son, and he uses a lot of profanity during this scene. Obfuscating Insanity: Tom’s friend voices the opinion that Rory Breaker’s Bunny Ears Lawyer tendencies are an example of this. Oh, Crap!: “Charles, get the rifle. We’re being fucked.” Only Known by Their Nickname: We never learn Bacon or Soap’s real names. Oop North: Gary and Dean http://www.smkpgriwlingi.sch.id/2013/05/24/winners-must-co-operate-fully-for-publicity-purposes-if-so/, two petty criminals from Liverpool with thick Scouse accents. We hear the beginning of the joke, cut to elsewhere, and then cut back to the ensuing laughter. Pants Positive Safety: When talking to Ed in the pub, Soap pulls a large machete out of his trousers, no indication it was stored in any sort of sheath. Made even worse the sharpened edge was facing his groin, meaning he could’ve castrated himself if he drew wrong. Papa Wolf: As Harry points out, God help anyone who dares touch Little Chris. Paper Thin Disguise: One of the Scousers attempts to cover his face with a fishnet stocking during the burglary. Phallic Weapon:Soap: I brought weapons as well.

It can be tempting to lump all career women into the corporate ladder climbing, ‘white feminism’ box. But women looking to crack the glass ceiling aren’t just white women. They aren’t just working for big bad business. They’re also women of colour; women working in politics, in law, in medicine, in science,in arts, in sport, in education and academia. Not all of the women in these fields are feminists, but many are. And the idea that feminism can make a difference to the world without having women succeeding across the spectrum of professional fields particularly fields that shape the future direction of society is a fantasy. As is the idea that they should do it alone without the help of people who are paid, adequately, to assist them.

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