About us

About us

Established on March 30, 1979 in Bologna (Italy), Cestas (Center for health education and appropriate health technologies) is an organization that implements projects of international cooperation and at the same time, it is an accredited institution that conducts high-level trainings.

Cestas is a non-profit, non-partisan and opposed to any form of discrimination. Promotes the health and social equity through education and empowerment of human resources, based on the principles of gender equality and solidarity.

Cestas favors the processes of social transformation through the enhancement of the skills and the capabilities of both, women and men in sense of technical, scientific and social improvement. Its social responsibility can be measure also in terms of appropriate management of technology and scientific innovation.

Cestas today operates through its offices based in Africa (Namibia), Latin America (Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru) and Asia (Pakistan), where it is engaged in the creation of a global partnership between the North and the South of the world in order to reduce the economic and social imbalances, to combat discrimination and promote the rights.