Cestas Africa

Cestas is active in Africa since the earliest years after its establishment. Its presence in geographic terms is wide and varied, with international cooperation projects that have embraced countries and territories profoundly different among them; from Horn of Africa, via North Africa to Southern Africa.

The field of work of Cestas was multi sector, though, according to its vocation – has had a dominant role the health care sector, in particular, the areas of public health, maternal and child health and fight against HIV / AIDS and tuberculosis.

The projects in field of healthcare are all base on the respect of the policies and strategies of the country in which the organization operates. The constant crisis of human resources in the health sector in African countries has led Cestas to reserve within its projects a strong component of “capacity building”. In this way, Cestas provides assistance to the administration and management through training and upgrading of the administrative staff, medical personnel and nurses. Furthermore, these projects always provides a community component in order to promote the involvement of the local communities in health education.

In the Mediterranean basin, particularly in Egypt and Tunisia, the intervention of Cestas is focus in higher education programs especially in the promotion and empowerment of women and youth entrepreneurship. Cestas believes that the training of qualified and competent personnel is a factor for competitive development in a certain area that can generate job opportunities and can have a positive impact in stemming migration flows from the south to the north of the world.

In Africa Cestas is currently working with the Ministry of Health and Social Services of Namibia, the Universidade Eduardo Mondlane (Mozambique), the University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa), the University of Namibia and the University Lunar (Malawi).

The head of the office Cestas in Africa is Nada Karaivanova.