Cestas Asia

Cestas operates in Asia through its historic presence in Lebanon and the more recent interventions in Yemen and Pakistan. The projects carried out since 2007 until today are:

– Program for strengthening of the socio-economic and cultural activities for young people and women in the region of Bint Jbeil (Lebanon)

– Enhancing status and working conditions of female health staff (Lebanon)

– Training courses for the development of resources and the promotion of women’s microenterprise (Lebanon)

– High level training course in organization and management of health and social services for managers (Yemen)

– Program to strengthen the governance of the health system (Pakistan).

In Lebanon Cestas works on the strengthening of women’s entrepreneurship spirit and the local public health system. The most important project involved the creation of a study on the conditions of female health staff, which was the starting point for the development of protocols for the protection of women’s rights.

In Yemen and in Pakistan Cestas works to strengthen local health systems so that they can better respond to the needs of the population, especially the most vulnerable. In particular, interventions aimed to improve the quality of services provided by health professionals through the development of managerial skills and capabilities of epidemiological surveillance.

The total number of beneficiaries in Asia exceeds 1,600 people directly involved and 200,000 indirectly part of the programs. In Asia Cestas works with Ministries of Health, Universities and local ngo.

The head of the office Cestas in Asia is Nada Karaivanova.