Cestas Cile

Cestas is active in Chile since 1988. In particular, the “Centro salud Community Villa Nonguén”, now called “Centro de salud familiar”, located in the city of Concepción in the Region of Bio Bio, was the first health project implemented by Cestas in Latin America. Today, the health center of Concepción provides health services to a population of around 15,000 people.

In 1997 was established Cil (Center for employment) today Cestas Chile, which is also the reference structure for the management of a national programs. The Cil annually provides services of socio-economic integration to over 1000 families. Over the last 15 years has benefited from this Center more than 16,000 people.

In Chile Cestas collaborated among others with the Ministry of Health, the regional health service offices, the fund for social investment (Fosis) of the Ministry of Cooperation and with the major universities.

The head of the office in Chile for Cestas is Yanett Burgos.