Cestas Ecuador

Cestas is active in Ecuador since 2001. Until today there were implemented 4 projects of international cooperation:

– PlanSIA – Health Plan Andina de Integración

– Andean Network of Maternal and perinatal health (health cooperation initiative between Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru)

– Extension of the Andean Network of maternal and perinatal health (health cooperation initiative between Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru)

– Project of integrated development in the province of Morona Santiago

All of the projects have the objective of strengthening the national health system and health regional integration programs. Particular attention has been paid to the issues of maternal and perinatal health and on the support of policies for the improvement of health protocols and training of human resources within the public health system.

The total number of health care workers and citizens who have benefited from health cooperation projects exceeds 233,000 people.

In Ecuador, Cestas collaborated among others with the Ministry of Public Health; the Universidad de Cuenca; various institutes of health (including the Hospital Pablo Arturo Suarez, the Centro de salud 4 Chimbacalle, the Vicente Corral Moscoso Hospital, the Hospital Enrique Sotomayor, the Hospital Materno Infantil, l’Hospital de la Ciudad de Básico Machachi, the Hospital General de la Ciudad de Macas); the Dirección Provincial of the Instituto Nacional de la niñez, familia y adolescencia; the Provincial Council of Morona Santiago; the Government of the Province of Morona Santiago; hispana the Dirección Provincial de Educación y Dirección Provincial de Educación bilingual; the Municipality of Morona Cantón; some international organizations such as ECLAC, Programa Art / UNDP and Atasim Foundation.

The head of the office Cestas in Ecuador is Josephine Cacciaguerra.