• 17 novembre 2013

I said, heard from the president this morning, and Senator

At about 9:45, after George had made a brief statement to the nation, which we watched, clustered around a small television that was perched on the receptionist desk, Ted Kennedy, Judd Gregg, and I walked out to tell reporters that my briefing had been postponed. I said, heard from the president this morning, and Senator Kennedy and Senator Gregg and I both join his statement in saying that our hearts and our prayers go out to the victims of this act of terrorism, and that our support goes to the rescue workers. And all of our prayers are with everyone there right now. As I turned to exit, Laurence McQuillan of USA Today asked a question. Bush, you know, children are kind of struck by all this. Is there a message you could tell to the nation I didn even wait for him to finish but began, parents need to reassure their children everywhere in our country that they safe. As we walked out of the briefing room, the cell phone of my advance man, John Meyers, rang. A friend told him that CNN was reporting that an airplane had crashed into the Pentagon. Within minutes, the order would be given to evacuate the White House and the Capitol.

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