• 4 maggio 2014

If this were a comic book, someone like Aquaman would show up

That path opens to a rocky cove cupped by hills carpeted in grasses and trees. Out on a far point, a half dozen surfers jockey for waves that peel into the bay and form dreamlike barrels before playing out into pillows of white foam. I reach for my surfboard before remembering that I don’t have one.

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canada goose outlet black friday It’s like a scene straight out of Highlander: The Series, in which the immortal Duncan MacLeod worked as the owner of an antique store when he wasn’t busy fighting people with swords. The difference is that this guy actually looks like a middle aged canada goose outlet in usa shop owner, as opposed to the lead character in a cheap romance novel. If this were a comic book, someone like Aquaman would show up right now and save the lady with his telepathic powers or some weak sauce like that. canada goose outlet black friday

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