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In fact, if you happen to break this rule, you are deemed a

Faux Yay: This could actually be Redd’s default sexuality. She’s way more interested in invoking Ambiguously Bi than grabbing a single Love Interest. Floating Limbs: Redd’s floating hands. One of the few times where it’s Justified. (See the entries for Handicapped Badass and I Love Nuclear Power.) Gainaxing: “No bra can hold me.” Gamer Girl: If she’s not fighting monsters or doing tests for IBISEC, she’s usually lounging around her room playing her “vidya gaems”. Genre Savvy: Redd in spades. She constantly pokes fun at superhero tropes and wipes the floor with other supers. Handicapped Badass: Redd was born without arms because of her dad. Doesn’t stop her from scoring floating hands of science and kicking ass with them. I Have to Go Iron My Dog: “REDD CAN I SEE YOU IN THE CHANGING ROOMS FOR AN IMPROMPTU LESBIAN SCENE OR SOMETHING EQUALLY UNRELATED” I Know Mortal Kombat: According to Redd, she got all of her fighting techniques from playing video games. I Love Nuclear Power: Averted. Vicky’s dad wanted a superhero for a kid, so he supposedly exposed her to radiation while she was still in the womb. She ended up being born without arms. Impossible Hourglass Figure: Redd and the woman from “upper management” are particularly obvious examples of this. In the Hood: Sometimes the subject of the main characters casual wear. Joker Immunity: Played with. Any Innocent Bystander is free game for the villains. In fact, if you happen to break this rule, you are deemed a “Cape Killer” and a guy named “The Enforcer” will come and murder you in turn. Deconstructed quickly by IBISEC, who believes that keeping supervillians around does more harm than good. Cue Redd fighting her first supervillian, starting and ending with a Neck Snap. Lampshade Hanging: When they have Redd in a suspension tank to study the effects of an attack on her: “Doctor, we’ve placed Redd in the ambiguous goo tube with the bars at the perfect height to cover her naughty bits and the weird gel she can talk through”

Demoted to Extra: Almost all of Rosanna Arquette’s scenes were deleted in post production thus failing to explain how she goes from Emmett to Paden in the course of the movie. Determined Widow: When introduced, Hannah’s a Determined Homesteader’s Wife http://www.newprintinformatica.com.br/index.php/yes-you-end-up-rather-tired-but-with-a-sense-of-joy-and/, but he’s Too Dumb to Live. An early love interest for Paden, until he meets Stella in the eponymous town. She later gets ship teased with Emmett. But she’s with Paden in his final (and the movie’s penultimate) scene. Dirty Cop: Cobb as the sheriff. The Drifter: Paden Establishing Character Moment: Emmett is introduced sleeping inside a shack when four men ambush him. He guns them down and heads off for Silverado. Even Evil Has Standards: McKendrick won’t let one of his men kill a boy, even though the boy saw their faces. They opt to kidnap him instead. Everything’s Better with Cows: Yep, nothing like a stampede to disrupt the bad guys while you move in for the kill. Exactly What I Aimed At: As a posse is chasing the leads into some hills, several warning shots come from Danny Glover’s character, who is hiding somewhere out of sight. As his shots ricochet off nearby rocks and cacti, a deputy says: “Let’s go, he ain’t hittin’ nothin'”. This prompts the sheriff, played brilliantly by John Cleese, to retort: “You idiot, he’s hit everything he’s aimed at”. [Cue the sheriff’s hat getting knocked off by the next shot.] Friendly Enemy: Paden and Cobb. Grievous Bottley Harm: In your standard bar fight. The Gunslinger: All the main characters are gunslingers: Paden (Type D) outdraws Cobb in the final battle Emmett (Type A) shoot needles off cactuses Mal (Type B) hits everything he aims at with his rifles. Jake (Type D and Type A) shoots two different guys at the same time, in different directions. Guns Akimbo: The character of Jake (portrayed by Kevin Costner) is styled in broad strokes. Lightning draws, blind trick shots, horse riding skills and firing two guns at the same time. Horseback Heroism: A Big Damn Heroes moment combined with a horseback Power Walk towards the Big Bad’s ranch at the climax.

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