• 22 settembre 2013

Justified, since their album sales have dwindled due to piracy

Can Boehner keep this up. will he keep it up. will others join him? All important questions and it is therefore an interesting and informative time. It will now be obvious whether Boehner keeps it up, who will join him and who will subserviently just continue to be the “puppets” dutifully doing the “conservative” / “the money’s” bidding. The challenge Boehner and anyone else has in putting the country, the majority above “the money” is formidable, as their power, influence and mega bucks are very significant and undoubtedly they will “double down” to protect and maintain their control. To go against them means they will go against you and as Norquist declared, “they can make or break anyone”. There are the likes of the Koch brothers, Adelson, SuperPacs and several others who make up “the money’s” core and then many who do “the money’s” bidding, who are the “puppets” performing as their “strings are pulled”, with the very obvious being Cruz, Cantor, GWBush, Cheney, Rove, Perry, Palin http://ufp-bdm.com/?p=11796, Limbaugh and really many more. It will be very interesting to watch. It has been said that today’s Republican / Tea Party is owned and controlled by “the money” and therefore incapable of honestly and responsibly governing for the people; could we be seeing that change?

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Replica Valentino Handbags Chronological Album Title: The Ninth Hour Darker and Edgier: Sonata Arctica’s lyrical themes have always been dark, but over time the sound has been changing to be more fitting to the lyrics. Digital Piracy Is Evil: Firm believers of it. Justified, since their album sales have dwindled due to piracy. Epic Rocking: Each album typically has one very long, complicated song. Examples include “Destruction Preventer”, “The Power of One”, “White Pearl, Black Oceans.”, “Gravenimage”, “Deathaura”, “Wildfire” (Parts II and III), “Larger than Life”, and “My Dream’s But a Drop of Fuel for a Nightmare”. It’s only 6:13, but it’s certainly among the most progressive songs they’ve ever done. Goes Up to Eleven when they add epic, rocking, banjos to their latest album Stone Grow Her Name. Heavy Mithril Limited Special Collector’s Ultimate Edition: Done for at least a few of their albums. Lyrical Dissonance: They often pair grim lyrics with upbeat music, at least until Reckoning Night. Metal Scream: Tony Kakko does some high pitched ones. Mohs Scale of Rock and Metal Hardness: A solid 7 most of the time. New Sound Album: In their 2007 album Unia, the band nearly abandoned traditional power metal altogether and experimented with art rock elements. Also, Stones Grow Her Name, meant to be a throwback to the band’s hard rock roots. It’s a drastic difference from their previous album, The Days of Grays. Soprano and Gravel: Tony’s high voice probably doesn’t count as “gravel,” but The Days of Grays features two songs where he shares vocal duties with Johanna Kurkela Replica Valentino Handbags.

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