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Obviously Evil: Unalaq, whose introduction includes him

Neon Sign Hideout: The entrance to the Equalists’ underground tunnels is out in the open and covered in signs professing how it isn’t an entrance to the Equalists’ secret hideout. Nobody Poops: There are no bathrooms in Republic City. Only the Satos are rich enough to afford one, and Korra mentions not having peed in ten days. No Indoor Voice: Several characters, like Lin and Meelo, sound like they’re shouting (or screaming) most of the time. No More for Me: Chief Beifong decides to cut down her booze consumption after realizing she was hitting on Mako. Noodle Incident: Pema and Tenzin have tried to get Lin stuck with their kids at least once. “Not Making This Up” Disclaimer: Most of the dialogue is original, but at a few points certain ridiculous lines from the series are used with the phrase “Actual Canon Dialogue” on the screen. No, You: Quoth Tarrlok: “My club is not dumb. [dramatic pause] You’re dumb.” It’s still enough to send Korra away in tears. It’s also Korra’s response to Tenzin telling her she can’t airbend. Obviously Evil: Unalaq, whose introduction includes him laughing evilly and lightning bolts in the background. He later states his intent to kill everyone present during his speech to the Southern Water Tribe. Off Model: Lampshaded by Mako http://microderlab.pub.ro/even-going-so-far-as-to-strengthen-leros-mask-to-the-point-he/, who’s spooked by Asami inexplicably changing her clothes between shots in episode 8. Studio Pierrot’s track record with this led to them being described as a malevolent force that disfigures people. Only Sane Man: Despite all of her own issues, Korra is still probably the most grounded person in Republic City.

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