• 13 novembre 2013

That Wacky Nazi: Arte Johnson’s Wolfgang

The nearest analog I can think of was Barry Goldwater’s statement that America would be better off if we cut the “eastern seacoast” off and let it float away into the Atlantic Ocean. This led to President Johnson’s classic ad of a saw cutting off the eastern seacoast while an announcer read Goldwater’s statement. The ad then asked the public the question that applies with even greater force to Romney’s admission that he does not worry about the desires of nearly half of all Americans. “Can a man who makes statements like this be expected to serve all the people, justly and fairly?” Romney has made clear he has no intention of serving the 47 percent. Indeed, his position (the full Murray) is that serving their governmental service to the 47 percent is the problem.

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Replica Designer Handbags That might’ve been the origin of the “say goodnight, Gracie” misquote. After Rowan would announce “it’s now time to say goodnight, Dick,” several shots of cast members and guests stars saying “Goodnight, Dick” would follow, as well as a random joke (“Who’s Dick?”). Smash Cut: All over the place, as an essential part of the Rapid Fire Comedy. Special Guest: Just about every star of the day, often popping up unannounced in the midst of sketches. Sammy Davis Jr. was probably the most frequent, but Nixon was by far the best known example. Subverted Kids Show: “Uncle Al”. That Wacky Nazi: Arte Johnson’s Wolfgang. Totally Radical: Humor for and about Sixties youth culture, presented by middle aged comedy veterans. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. Trap Door Unusual Euphemism: “Bippy” for the rear end. “Look that up in your Funk Wagnalls!” Vanity Plate: “George Schlatter/Ed Friendly Productions, in association with Romart”, accompanied by Charley Douglass’ clapping (see above) Replica Designer Handbags.

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