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Their professor Arlmoa has been researching possibilities of

Victorian era Europeans invented “childhood”. Inspired by the ideals of The Enlightenment and an interpretation of The Bible’s New Testament based on them, they came to the conclusion that the time people spent between being a baby and being useful in mines and fields (or for making more babies) was special and precious people this age were innocent and full of wonder and beloved by God, and that they should be loved and protected and cared for by society in general. They came to believe that there was a stark contrast between the innocent and instinctual goodness of children and the cynical evil of adults. smaller coal miners mean smaller mineshafts). By 1900 only a fifth or so of British and US children (under 16) were in full time employment and even the world’s most pro corporation and rabidly anti socialist democratic state, the USA, actually banned child labour entirely in 1938.

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